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Allergy Components

Why choose allergy components from BBI Solutions? 

Our range of Allergy components target specific food and aeroallergens. Targets are derived either by isolation from the specific organism or using molecular methods usingin carefully chosen recombinant expression systems. Products are made to order or available from stock using processes defined by specific batch records.  

We endeavour to always supply material to our customers’ timelines but rely on our clients to provide forecasts and estimates of usage. Materials are prepared using a range of purification technologies, some of these unique to BBI. Products are extensively characterised and are formulated to optimise shelf-life and we provide material in the most convenient storage format, often stored in ultra-cold systems to ensure maximum shelf-life.  

Performance testing  

Analytical testing is performed to demonstrate the product purity and recovery using immunological and/or biochemical protein assays.  Products are tested with or referenced against specific stored patient samples to ensure the performance. 

Please contact our Customer Services Team directly to disuss your requirements on tel:+44 (0) 1495 363000 or alternatively you can submit an enquiry here.

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If you require any further product specific technical information or datasheets please submit your request to our technical team here 

Antigens FAQs

Our team are here to help! If you can’t find the answer you are looking for contact us

For our European customers please contact your BBI sales representative or reach out to our customer services team. For our US and Asia customers you can also contact your BBI representative for support however sales enquiries, where relevant, will be routed through a local representative. In the US for DIARECT catalogue products, these should be ordered from our US distribution partner Surmodics.

Upon receipt, our antigens / antibodies should be stored frozen at - 70°C or below until use. We recommend thawing at room temperature, but thawed products should not remain at room temperature for extended periods of time. Mix products gently before use. If you plan on using only a portion of the product, please thaw and dispense it into aliquot volumes that are most practical for your application and store frozen at - 70°C or below. Please note that we cannot guarantee the shelf life after the antigens / antibodies have been re-dispensed and advice against repeated freeze thaw cycles.

While general recommendations for antigen / antibody storage conditions and buffers are given in the antigen's / antibody's specification sheet, which can be found in the “+INFO” section associated with
each antigen / antibody on DIARECT's website, the detailed buffer composition is available together with the lot-specific Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

No, we do not recommend using antigens / antibodies without a guaranteed cold chain. If you receive a thawed product please inform our customer service immediately. Regarding dry ice shipments
please visit section "shipping information" on our website for detailed information on temperature tests.

For each antigen / antibody, DIARECT created a “+INFO” section on its website, which contains the antigen's / antibody's material safety data sheet (MSDS) and specification sheet. The latter provides general recommendations regarding antigen / antibody storage and buffers. For select antigens / antibodies, the “+INFO” section also contains a brochure offering some background information and immunological test data. You can also contact your local representative or info-dia@bbisolutions.com for more details.

Most of our antigens have a guaranteed shelf life of five years unless otherwise noted on our Certificates of Analysis (CoA) and data sheets, and providing that they are kept frozen at -70°C or
below. For the shelf life of our antibodies, please check the expiry date on the lot-specific CoA provided with the product.

We guarantee the reservation of a specified amount of antigen(s). Typically, customers reserve the
amount of antigen(s) needed for a manufacturing period of up to 18 months. You simply inform us of
your antigen requirements for this period, and every 4 months you will receive an updated overview
regarding the accuracy of your estimate. The reservation system also includes the allocation of early enough samples of new lots of the respective antigen(s). This enables the customer to evaluate the
new lot at an early stage for future reservations and allows a smooth transition to this new lot.

Advantages provided by DIARECT's reservation system:

- Security of supply with no additional costs
- No need for continual readjustment and fine tuning of your assay because of new antigen lots

BV and Ec represent the type of expression system that was used to produce the antigen of interest. BV stands for DIARECT's baculovirus/insect cell expression system, while Ec stands for DIARECT's
E. coli expression system.

For purification, the preferred technique is the very effective, yet gentle immobilized metal-ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) in combination with His-tag technology, which yields physiologically and
immunologically active proteins. Our native proteins are purified using appropriate standard chromatography purification methods including ion exchange, size exclusion and immunoaffinity.

DIARECT's recombinant and native antigens / antibodies - always produced according to documented procedures (SOPs) and manufactured per EN ISO 13485 and 9001 standards -
undergoing a rigorous series of tests in our quality control laboratory. Prior to its approval and release, each lot is subjected to various biochemical and immunological analyses to assure
conformance to our strict product specifications. The goal of these extensive inspections is to ensure lot-to-lot conformance, which guarantees consistent results.

General information regarding the origin and expression constructs of antigens are provided in the respective specification sheets, however, exact sequence data are considered proprietary information. Most recombinant antigen preparations are supplied with a 6xHis-tag as part of the sequence.

DIARECT antigens are manufactured in our EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 audited facility in Freiburg, Germany. Supply is either direct from our Freiburg facility or may be managed by our local representatives in specific territories

If you would like information about price, ordering of samples or placing an order please contact us via infodia@bbisolutions.com.

Allergy components from BBI 

In addition to our Autoimmune products, our scientists in Freiburg have isolated a range of high-quality Allergy components. These components have been developed after assessing the proteome of the target organism for some important food and aeroallergens. They are now used in many In Vitro methods for determination of the specific target for a serological IgE allergic response.  

The company objective has been to derive a focused list of targets for allergic conditions where high specification and highly reproducible products are required to give the best performance across different assay platforms including ELISA, microarray and line assay.   

How are the Allergy components derived?

BBI derives its range of Allergy components either directly by purification from the host organism or by molecular methods where proteins are expressed in specific host organisms. The host cell lines are stored and then propagated in our bioreactor systems.  

Some of our recombinant products  are expressed with specific His-tag sequences to facilitate purification by nickel chelate affinity chromatography.   

The organism derived native and untagged products are purified by a sequential series of different chromatography techniques. The purified proteins are then formulated liquid in the most appropriate stabilising buffer and filtered to 0.2µm to ensure low bioburden.  

Products are characterised prior to fill to determine the recovery and purity of the protein using a range of analytical techniques. Techniques such as Coomassie stained SDS-PAGE are used to test and verify the product purity. Importantly, our allergy components for serological applications are tested against a defined panel of patient samples to verify their performance.   

Quality assured 

After the products have been filled and formulated, they are retested by our independent Quality Control laboratory to verify the analytical results and define the biological integrity. Materials are prepared, stored and shipped from our Freiburg facility, directly supplying clients in Europe and non-China Asia territories. For customers in America and China, our Freiburg products are distributed through our carefully selected and highly reputable partners. 





















Technical Documents

If you require any further product specific technical information or datasheets please submit your request to our technical team here 

Last updated: 26/03/2021

DIARECT Immunodiagnostics Brochure

Last updated: 26/03/2021

DIARECT Immunodiagnostics Brochure

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