Polystreptavidin Change Control Notification - BioTez

Dear Customer,


Change communication: Labelling and documentation change

Product: Polystreptavidin C and Polystrptavidin R

Product number (SKU): Polystrept C, 10120030 (3mg), 10120050 (5mg), 10120100,


We are notifying you of a change to labelling and documentation for the product Polystreptavidin. 

Change description:


  • Different company logos on documentation you receive: -



  • The product labelling logo will remain the same at this time




The above changes are in effect as of this communication.

We would like to inform you that there is no change to the product itself and the specification will remain the same.

Please ensure your relevant systems are updated to accommodate the above change.

Should you wish to discuss this further please contact us using the details below.



Name: Kelly Stokes

Job description: Product Stewardship Specialist

Date: 04 Jan 2023

Email: KellyStokes@bbisolutions.com






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