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BBI Solutions has served the global diagnostics industry for over 50 years

BBI Solutions has been serving the global diagnostics industry for over 50 years and is the world’s largest independent producer of immuno-diagnostics reagents.  Our core competencies include a comprehensive suite of reagents with custom development options, lateral flow development, diagnostic manufacturing services and smartphone reader technologies. Leveraging our decades of experience in all stages of diagnostic development for the right solutions the first time.



We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of reagents for your diagnostic needs. Discover our collection of reagents covering a comprehensive range of biomarkers and applications for the IVD market, life sciences,cell culture and beyond.

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Infectious Disease

BBI have a significant and growing suite of IVD reagents for use in the development of diagnostics immunoassays for infectious diseases, for both common and emerging pathogens.

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Autoimmune and Inflammation

Our autoimmune product portfolio has numerous applications as capture or control material in immunodiagnostic assays such as ELISA’s, CLIA & lateral flow, as well as in quality assurance control manufacture.

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Our broad portfolio of cardiac antibodies and antigens support the development of assays that aid diagnosis and risk stratification of patients with chest pain and suspected acute coronary syndromes.

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BBI offers a broad portfolio of reagents across enzymes, antigens and antibodies products to support our customers to deliver diagnostic solutions for one of the growing healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

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BBI have a market leading range of recombinant and native food and aeroallergens for component-resolved diagnostics.

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Tumour Markers

We deliver performance tested tumour marker reagents to support the continued improvement in early IVD and companion diagnostic assay technologies.

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BBI has a strong product portfolio of antibodies and antigens for developing diagnostic assays related to Thyroid related diseases.

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BBI Solutions offer a range of enzymes and antigens for use in the development clinical chemistry assays and controls for monitoring kidney function.

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Immunology and Serology

Our comprehensive range of antigens, secondary antibodies and serum and plasma support the development of a broad range of serological assays.

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Fertility and Pregnancy

We have a range of high performance antibodies and gold conjugates for the development of pregnancy and fertility assays.

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Liver Function

BBI has a range of enzymes for the development of clinical chemistry assays for the monitoring of liver function.

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BBI's offering includes reagents for the measurement of intrinsic factor and ferritin for use in assays for the diagnosis of anaemia.

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Our unique combination of custom antibody development, lateral flow assay development and manufacturing services, signal enhancement technology and our smartphone reader technology are shaping the future of lateral flow. Our partnership approach allows you to work with one company to reach your assay goals.

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Lateral Flow Services

Are you looking to outsource your lateral flow test development? We understand that getting a fast, accurate result is critical. Whether you are looking to improve an existing assay or develop a new assay, we offer a partnership approach to deliver robust and reliable tests ready for the global market.

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Antibody Manufacturing

We offer in vitro cell culture production of monoclonal antibody in roller bottles. Our cGMP facility can accommodate 1L to 100L volumes generating milligram to gram quantities of antibody. Cell lines can be produced in our standard hybridoma media or in custom media formulations provided by the customer.

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Antigen Customisation

BBI Solutions has over 25 years’ expertise working with customers and partners to develop and manufacture high quality proteins for a diverse range of applications with our Custom Protein Service.

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Gold Conjugation

One of the most important factors in the development of a reliable assay is the quality of the gold conjugate. At BBI Solutions, we use the highest quality grades of gold nanoparticles and apply our unique conjugation protocol to deliver an optimised product that meets the demands of your assay.

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Antibody Development

We offer custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development. services. Out highly experienced team will support you at every stage of the project. You define your immunoassay goals; let us develop the right antibodies

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Novarum™️ technology transforms a smartphone into a diagnostic test reader, empowering users to read and share the results of rapid tests from the point of care.

Novarum's highly trained team will work with you to develop a bespoke mobile app that meets your specific test needs. Data is then shared to a secure server for evaluation.

Accuracy, connectivity and ease of use make the Novarum™️ smartphone diagnostic platform invaluable for a variety of sectors, including medical, veterinary, defence, agricultural and environmental testing.

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What is Novarum?

Our innovative Novarum mobile diagnostic platform overcomes barriers to point-of-care testing transforming a smartphone into a workflow movement tool enabling rapid diagnostics.

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Novarum Sector Applications

The Novarum™ diagnostic platform has been designed for almost any test where the result is normally read by the human eye. Accuracy, connectivity and ease of use make the Novarum Reader invaluable for medical, veterinary, defence, agricultural and environmental testing.

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Diagnostic App Development

Every Novarum project starts with our team gaining a deep understanding your assay/product, the target end user for your test and how a mobile solution helps differentiate your product’s value proposition.

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60 Years


Working with customers and partners to develop and manufacture enzymes


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Lateral flow tests every year use our gold nanoparticles



Test strips contain our Glucose Oxidase for Blood Glucose Monitoring



Assay capacity annually with batch sizes from 5k to 100k

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