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Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Development

Anti-idiotypic and Neutralising Antibodies 

BBI has extensive experience developing highly sensitive and specific anti-idiotypic (anti-Id) antibodies to support the development of monoclonal antibody drugs. 

Monitoring therapeutic antibodies in clinical samples requires the ability to differentiate between administered antibody and naturally occurring endogenous antibodies. This has become increasingly difficult as antibody biotherapeutics more closely resemble circulating human immunoglobulins. Anti-idiotypic antibodies specific for the unique variable region of the therapeutic antibody are ideal for this purpose. 

Often our customers develop anti-idiotypic antibodies as controls for antibody neutralisation assays. Anti-Id antibody candidates are screened for the ability to neutralise or block specific ligand binding of a therapeutic antibody. BBI has a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes with higher complexity projects. Our ability to work closely with customers to clearly understand their end application, define their specific project goals and design a detailed project plan is key to our high success rate delivering quality anti-idiotype antibodies. 

Common applications of anti-idiotypic antibodies: 

  • Preclinical research of therapeutic antibodies 
  • Anti-drug Antibodies (ADA) for clinical development 
  • Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies 
  • Immune Response (IR) immunogenicity assays 
  • Controls in ligand binding neutralising assays 
  • Controls in antibody blocking assays 

BBI is proud to support our pharmaceutical customers in active clinical trials through a high level of confidence for these crucial, time-sensitive programs. 

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