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The streptavidin-biotin system offers a universal immobilization principle for the detection and analysis of proteins, peptides, PCR fragments, and other biomolecules.  Streptavidin coating is a convenient method for uniform and stable immobilization of biotinylated molecules in a directed way.   

BBI's Polystreptavidin, a polymerized form of recombinant streptavidin, comes with much higher  biotin binding capacity compared to its general tetrameric form.  In addition to the increased biotin binding capacity, Polystreptavidin has high thermal stability and a long shelf life.    

Polystreptavidin has a range of applications the most common of which is lateral flow.  The extremely high biotin binding capacity and the exceptionally low washout effects provide a significant signal enhancement at the test line.  Efficient immobilization of biotinylated molecules and low non-specific binding provide a high signal-to-noise ratio.  Polystreptavidin is ready-to-use with no additional washing or blocking steps required.

Product Name Product Code Price Book UOM
Polystreptavidin R 10 120 100 mg




Polystreptavidin Products

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Polystreptavidin FAQs

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Recombinant, N- and C-term shortened variant.

Between 2,000 and 20,000 kDa.

Streptavidin is lyophilized and Polystreptavidin is in solution.

>5-15 pmol/mL for streptavidin & 350 pmol/mL for polystreptavidin as determined by 50% intercept of a competitive biotin binding assay.

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BBI Solutions' streptavidin reagents are high performing, consistent and reliable reagents for your assays needs at any scale.

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