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Autoimmune Disease Reagents from BBI Solutions

Product Name Product Code Price Book UOM
ANA Screen IgG ELISA 1801PE00 Kit
ANA Screen 6 IgG ELISA 1811FE00 Kit
Cardiolipin IgG ELISA 0411FE00 Kit
Cardiolipin IgM ELISA 0511FE00 Kit
Beta-2 GP1 IgG ELISA 0711FE00 Kit
Beta-2 GP1 IgM ELISA 0811FE00 Kit
dsDNA IgG ELISA 0911FE00 Kit
U1-RNP IgG ELISA 1011FE00 Kit
Sm IgG ELISA 1111FE00 Kit
SS-A / Ro IgG ELISA 1211FE00 Kit
SS-B / La IgG ELISA 1311FE00 Kit
Scl-70 IgG ELISA 1411FE00 Kit
Jo-1 IgG ELISA 1611FE00 Kit
ANA Profile 8 IgG ELISA 1711FE00 Kit
ANA Screen 8 IgG ELISA 1911FE00 Kit
TG IgG ELISA 2011FE00 Kit
PR3 capture IgG ELISA 2105LE00 Kit
TPO IgG ELISA 2111FE00 Kit
MPO IgG ELISA 2211FE00 Kit
tTG IgA ELISA 2711FE00 Kit
tTG IgA ELISA 2811FE00 Kit


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