Gold Colloid: 150nm - 20ml

Maximise the number of tests per litre with BBI Solutions’ Gold Colloid.

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Gold Colloid: 150nm - 20ml

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Product Details

BBI Solutions’ gold colloid is a renowned, cost-effective solution for enhancing assay sensitivity and stability. With over 20 years of experience, our unique gold nanoparticle recipe ensures superior quality, performance, and features. Our gold colloid is used in over 400 million tests worldwide each year.

Our proprietary manufacturing technique allows for the production of large-volume batches of gold with a high level of reproducibility in size, dispersion, and shape. We maintain strict quality control release specifications to ensure a solid foundation for conjugation, giving you peace of mind that your assay will provide reliable results.

Our 150nm gold colloid is ideal for a variety of applications, including lateral flow assays, TEM, SEM, environmental detection and purification, data storage, drug delivery, biomarkers, SERS, photo-thermolysis, catalysis, chemical sensors, and DNA detection.

For in vitro use only. To be used for research and/or further manufacturing purposes and is not to be used in humans or animals.


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  • Shipping Information
  • Ambient Shipping
  • Specification
  • OD1, Mean size = 145.0 nm - 155.0 nm; %CV = <8%
  • Preservatives
  • None
  • Lead Time
  • 2 weeks
  • Storage
  • 2 - 8°C - DO NOT FREEEZE
  • Buffer
  • Purified Water
  • Capping Agent
  • Citrate
  • Optical Density
  • OD1
  • Particle Size
  • 150nm

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Data Sheets (96.95KB) Lot 20010050

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