Our new Anti-Human IgE Gold Conjugates

Quality, scalable and reproducible gold conjugates for developing and manufacturing your lateral flow assay rapidly and efficiently

Learn how our gold colloid and specialist conjugation team work to deliver your products

High quality gold conjugates to meet the demands of your lateral flow assay

  • 1.

    Single lot scalability of 24 litre per batch, high quality manufacture and a long liquid shelf life

  • 2.

    Developed using BBI 40nm gold colloid

  • 3.

    Can be customised and supplied at different ODs (optical density)

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Working with you in partnership for a customised conjugation

Specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility should define the specification and fulfil your absolute minimum expectations of the conjugate.

Our scientists work in partnership with customers to bring all the vital ingredients together and provide sensitive, stable, reproducible conjugates time after time.

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The acquisition of DIARECT in June 2020 and their world leading recombinant autoimmune antigen capability immediately enhances BBI’s portfolio and position as a ‘complete’ immunoassay reagent supplier. This further enhances BBI’s position as the world’s largest diagnostics components company with a market leading antigen portfolio.


Maine Biotechnology Services brings 27 years of knowledge, experience, process development, and project management to our customers to ensure the best possible antibodies for any application. As antibody development goals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry have evolved the acquisition of MBS will help BBI further meet and exceed our customers needs.


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