BBI Solutions & ABCDx Complete Initial Phases of LVOCheck Rapid Test Development

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BBI Solutions OEM Limited, a global leader in diagnostic assay development and ABCDx, a pioneer in brain injury diagnostics, are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the initial phase of their collaborative development program for the LVOCheck rapid test. The announcement comes as both companies finalize the feasibility phase of the project. 

Development Program Overview 

The collaboration between BBI and ABCDx has primarily focused on optimizing the assay for the detection of specific markers indicative of brain injuries, including H-FABP, NT-pro BNP, and D-Dimer. The test is designed to work on human whole blood samples and seeks to deliver a quantitative result. 

Successful Onboarding and Feasibility Phases 

Throughout the Feasibility Phase both companies worked collaboratively, developing comprehensive project plans, selection of critical raw materials, and assessments against ABCDx’s existing devices. This phase also included key milestones such as the selection of biologicals based on assay performance and clinical relevance. 

Impact of collaboration 

“Achieving this technical milestone is testament to the great partnership between ABCDx and BBI. The extensive knowledge and understanding from ABCDx of these brain biomarkers, and the depth of expertise from BBI in applying these biologicals to lateral flow, is the perfect recipe for success” said Mario Gualano, CEO of BBI Solutions. 

"As we complete these critical initial phases, we are one step closer to offering a revolutionary product that could change the landscape of brain injury diagnostics," said Prof. Jean-Charles Sanchez, Co-Founder and CEO of ABCDx. "This accomplishment is not only a technical milestone but also adds significant value to our ongoing Series A fundraising efforts." 

About BBI Solutions 

BBI Solutions has been serving the global diagnostics industry for over 50 years and is the world’s largest independent producer of immuno-diagnostics reagents. Core competencies include a comprehensive suite of reagents with custom development options, lateral flow development, and diagnostic manufacturing services. 

About ABCDx 

Founded and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, ABCDx is committed to the democratization of data-driven diagnostics in the field of brain injuries. 


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