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Disease State Plasma

BBI Solutions’ Disease State Plasma 

BBI supplies a streamlined range of disease state plasma products and can support enquiries for certain autoimmune disease and infectious disease assays where the titre requirement is defined. 

BBI has a strong supply chain after working in the IVD reagent supply industry for over 40 years. We can only procure a limited range of disease state plasma from our global network of suppliers. The material we procure and supply is of the highest quality; it is material that has a defined titre and provenance. Although BBI no longer runs a biobanking/plasma repository service where units of disease state plasma are kept and can be sampled, BBI can often supply bespoke collections where the requirements are well defined and can supply in significant volumes up to 100l lots.  

Supply of Disease State Plasma 

Our disease state plasma offering is contained to a few autoimmune and infectious disease parameters and we offer a pooling and testing service for certain materials. Materials are supplied from our Sittingbourne site and are shipped frozen on dry ice following all the recognised conventions for supplying potentially biohazardous materials.  

We also offer a highly characterised synthetic disease state plasma for Rubella IgM positive material and can potentially offer to extend this on a customised basis subject to minimum order restriction to other chimeric antibodies. 

Please contact our Customer Services Team directly to discuss your requirements on tel:+44 (0) 1495 363000 or alternatively you can submit an enquiry here.

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If you require any further product specific technical information or datasheets please submit your request to our technical team here 

Specialists in Disease State Plasma

BBI specialises in sourcing very specific Disease State Plasma products to support applications in autoimmunity, infectious disease testing and interference testing. Materials are sourced from highly reputable partners in Europe and in the USA that collect the plasma on behalf of BBI to a defined specification. Our partners have been assessed by BBI for the quality of the material they can provide but also for the information provided with the disease state plasma.  

BBI rarely relies on approval of pre-shipment samples, relying instead on the provision of material to a defined titre specification using standardised testing methodologies. Materials are collected to order, and these bespoke collections may take longer but the quality and titre of the material is guaranteed. BBI specialises in the supply of Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg positive plasmas along with Pregnancy serum and some specific infectious disease such as Hepatitis B surface antigen. BBI also has a unique, popular “synthetic” disease state plasma for Rubella IgM that has been characterised for dose response linearity on several commercial immunoassay platforms. 

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The acquisition of DIARECT in June 2020 and their world leading recombinant autoimmune antigen capability immediately enhances BBI’s portfolio and position as a ‘complete’ immunoassay reagent supplier. This further enhances BBI’s position as the world’s largest diagnostics components company with a market leading antigen portfolio.


Maine Biotechnology Services brings 27 years of knowledge, experience, process development, and project management to our customers to ensure the best possible antibodies for any application. As antibody development goals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry have evolved the acquisition of MBS will help BBI further meet and exceed our customers needs.


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