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Enabling molecular assays at the point of care

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    Single lot scalability of 24 litre per batch, high quality manufacture and a long liquid shelf life

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    Developed using BBI 40nm gold colloid

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    Can be customised and supplied at different ODs (optical density)

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Our Molecular tag conjugates are reproducible

Developed using BBI’s 40nm gold colloid under their ISO13485 certification, the new range incorporates antibodies against the most commonly used primer tags.

The full range includes Goat anti-biotin, Monoclonal anti-biotin, Monoclonal anti-FITC, Monoclonal anti-HRP, Monoclonal anti-his tag and Monoclonal anti-digoxin 40nm gold conjugates.

The molecular tag conjugates are suitable for use in lateral flow devices, in addition to biosensors, enabling the development of more molecular based testing at the point of care with a sensitivity similar to that which can be achieved by laboratory-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

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