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Mammalian cell culture in a serum free medium requires an iron transporter such as transferrin. Human transferrin is a 77 kDa beta-glycoprotein with a range of phenotypes based upon the number of sialic acid residues. Each molecule of transferrin specifically binds two Fe3+ molecules.

The iron content can be adjusted to give near 100% saturation to yield holo-transferrin (Iron 1200-1600 ug/gm) or depleted to give near zero iron bound to yield apo-transferrin (Iron <50ug/gm protein) or the intermediate- sidero-transferrin (Iron 300-1000ug/gm protein).

The secondary role for transferrin in culture media is to bind endogenous metal iron which may cause cell toxicity.

More Information
Abbreviation APOT
Applications Mammalian Cell Culture
Disease Area Plasma Proteins
Keywords human, apo transferrin, transferrin, cell culture
Presentation Matrix Lyophilised
Product Category Cell Culture Reagents
Purity/Grade >98%
Recommended Use

Iron binding and transport in cell culture media

Shipping Recommendation Cool pack
Source plasma
Storage 4°C
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