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Our scientists perform more than 500 individual conjugations every year for a variety of unique applications


GoldLink™ Kit Conjugation Procedure

The GoldLink™ kits contain our unique recipe gold nanoparticles which are stable to high salt buffers and are pre-activated for antibody labelling. The antibodies are attached to the functionalised gold by covalent conjugation through the lysine residues, which produce a stable, non-reversible linkage. No antibody pre-treatment is required. A single reaction buffer is used for conjugation of all antibodies. The process requires minimal antibody and does not need a purification step meaning time and cost savings.

Antibodies or proteins are covalently attached quickly and easily to ultra-stable GoldLink™ nanoparticles at a very high OD (see Figure 1 below). The hands-on time for the kit procedure is just 2 minutes and the conjugate is ready to use in 15 minutes. The GoldLink™ nanoparticles have a protective surface coat that can withstand the most extreme conditions (e.g. 1M NaCl or 2.5M NaOH at 70oC for >1 hour). The gold nanoparticles in the kits are supplied as a freeze dried mixture.

Figure 1. Conjugation procedure using GoldLink Kits

goldlink kits conjugation procedure

The level of conjugate sensitivity achieved through the use of a GoldLink™ kit is suitable for antibody screening during initial R&D. For customers who want to achieve a higher level of sensitivity and/or a fully optimised conjugate, we offers a Custom Conjugation Service where we will take your antibody of choice and using our long established, proven processes, optimise your conjugate, and then freeze your specific recipe before putting a commercial supply plan in place.

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