Over 80 new antibodies now available through BBI Solutions

In July 2017, BBI Solutions acquired Maine Biotechnology Services (MBS) in Portland, Maine, USA. The acquisition has added an extensive collection of antibodies to the growing BBI portfolio. The list, available for sampling, includes antibodies to infectious diseases, inflammation, hormone, cardiac, oncology and immunoglobulin targets.

Antibodies developed at MBS are well known in the diagnostic industry to have exceptional performance data and technical support, including many matched pair recommendations. Quality controlled productions of these reagents assure increased batch-to-batch consistency and ability to meet bulk demand.

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Infectious Disease


Adenovirus MAB604P, MAB605P
Borrelia Burgdorferi MAB746P
Campylobacter jejuni MAB229P, MAB840, MAB841P, MAB842P
Chikungunya Virus MAB243P, MAB244P, MAB245P
E. coli serotype 0157 MAB770P
H. pylori MAB807P
Influenza A MAB722P, MAB803P
Influenza B MAB7042P
Mycoplasma pneumoniae MAB134P, MAB135P, MAB854P, MAB855P
Norovirus MAB223P, MAB224P, MAB225P, MAB226P, MAB227P, MAB228P, MAB242P
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) MAB601P, MAB602P, MAB603P
Rift Valley Fever Virus MAB239P, MAB240P
Rotavirus MAB606P, MAB831P, MAB833P


Secondary Antibodies


Human IgA MAB217P
Human IgE MAB114P
Human IgG1 MAB146P
Human IgG2 MAB220P
Human IgG3 MAB221P
Human IgG Fc MAB218P
Human IgG4 Fc MAB154P
Human IgG Heavy Chain MAB142P
Human Ig Kappa Light chain MAB199P
Human Ig Lambda Light Chain MAB219P
Human IgM MAB216P




Cortisol MAB215P
hFSH-alpha MAB111P
hFSH-beta MAB112P
hCG-beta MAB106P
Progesterone MAB234P, MAB235P
Prolactin MAB121P, MAB122P
T3 MAB124P
hTSH-alpha MAB132P
hTSH-beta MAB128P, MAB130P




Cystatin C MAB236P, MAB237P, MAB238P




Osteopontin MAB193P, MAB194P, MAB195P, MAB196P, MAB197P, MAB222P




Bromodeoxyuridine-5 BrdU PAB105P
His-tag MAB230P
GST-tag MAB241P
MBP-tag MAB231P
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) MAB206P, MAB207P




Lactoferrin MAB232P, MAB233P




Myeloperoxidase MAB208P, MAB209P




Canine Heartworm MAB167P
Equine LH MAB202P, MAB203P, MAB204P
Streptococcus equi subsp.equi MAB211P, MAB212P


Why choose BBI for your antibody supply?

  • High performing products; integrated into over 50 FDA-approved diagnostic tests
  • Highly specific and sensitive antibodies tested in either ELISA, western blot or lateral flow, with cross-reactivity and performance data
  • Cost saving opportunities through flexible batch sizes and bulk ordering options
  • Save time and money on your antibody screening by choosing one of our recommended pairs
  • Highly experienced technical team available to help you select the right antibody to sample

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