Native Human Transferrin

Human transferrin is a natural and often essential component to promote cell growth in many cell culture applications and is frequently used in serum free media, where it acts as an iron transporter.

As part of the CellAdvance® range, BBI have been manufacturing human holo, apo and sidero grades of transferrin for over 10 years. Due to an increased demand for native transferrin, BBI has invested £150K in its facilities and increased resource capabilities to grow the capacity of transferrin production by up to 40%.

Product Features

Available in three forms to suit different applications:

  1. Near-saturated holo-transferrin (1200–1700 µg/g),
  2. Near-zero apo-transferrin (< 50 µg/g)
  3. In between sidero-transferrin (300–600 µg/g) to allow controlled addition of iron salts and help balance medium iron content.

High specifications, that can be modified to meet customer requirements

+ >98% pure

+ Pasteurised and 0.2µm filtered for low mycoplasma and low bioburden

+ Control over many other key parameters such as moisture and iron levels.

Click here to see how BBI’s transferrin promotes cell growth and viability in a CHO-k1 cell line.

Designed for: In vitro, non-therapeutic serum-free cell culture. Cell culture media manufacturers, cell culture biologics.


picture showing batch-to-batch consistency of T101-5 Holo Transferrin

Why choose BBI for your native transferrin supply?


+ Secure and reliable supply - Fully manufactured by BBI Solutions, ensuring control over supply chain. We are committed to deliver on time and in full, and with increased capacity you can rely on a secure supply.

+ Batch-to-batch consistency - BBI Solutions manufacturing process has been developed and optimised over more than 10 years. Every lot meets stringent release criteria and excellent performance can be expected with every batch.

+ Quality assured - Our products are manufactured under the ISO 13485 quality management system with thorough QC analysis for every batch.

+ Competitively priced - Highest quality products at research grade prices.

+ Traceability - Derived from traceable human plasma and collected at FDA approved collection centres.


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