Horseradish Peroxidase

BBI Solutions is the world’s leading producer of Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) and has supplied the diagnostics industry with this key raw material for over 40 years.

HRP is used in a wide range of liquid clinical chemistry reagents, dry powder reagents and test strips. It is also commonly used as a label in immunoassays such as ELISA and in blotting and histochemistry. Once conjugated to antibodies, antigens, or streptavidin, its rapid turnover rate gives high sensitivity over short incubation times.

Peroxidase conjugates from horseradish may give higher backgrounds than other enzyme conjugates, hence extra blocking steps, e.g. the introduction of APO-Peroxidase, may be necessary. It can be used with a variety of substrates producing precipitated or soluble chromogens, or with chemiluminescent and fluorogenic substrates for enhanced sensitivity.

BBI Solutions – the prime source of horseradish peroxidase

We have developed close relationships with horseradish growers in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres giving an unrivalled year-round supply of specially selected and cultivated roots. This ensures you enjoy the most cost-effective, reliable and accurate assays.

Our South Africa facility routinely processes two tonnes of roots per day allowing the consistent production of multi-kg batches of clinical chemistry grade and multi-100g batches of immunoassay grade HRP using our optimised purification procedures.


Our peroxidase from horseradish is suitable for use in a variety of ways:

  • As an enzyme label, for example in ELISA systems
  • In conjunction with glucose oxidase, used to monitor glucose levels in diabetic patients
  • As a general indicator enzyme in a variety of clinical chemistry assays
  • Codes HRP4 and HRP4B are especially suitable for immunolabelling

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