Glucose Oxidase

BBI Solutions is the world’s number one supplier of glucose oxidase for biosensor applications. Our high purity glucose oxidase enzymes are tried, tested and trusted to perform in 5 billion blood glucose monitoring test strips every year.

Our glucose oxidase enzymes are used in:

  • Liquid and powder glucose laboratory reagents
  • Urine test strips.
  • Colorimetric blood glucose strips
  • Biosensor-based blood glucose monitoring

Obtained from the large-scale fermentation of the fungus Aspergillus niger, the crude fermentation liquor is purified using multiple precipitation, fractionation, chromatography, and filtration steps. The process from crude liquor to final product takes approximately 4 weeks, typically resulting in several kilograms of highly purified freeze-dried enzyme from 400 litres of liquor.

What makes BBI’s Glucose Oxidase so effective?

Our procedures, which have been developed and optimised over many years, ensure a product of the highest quality and stability – guaranteeing consistency across batches and assays. Proven performance, every time.

BBI Solutions’ glucose oxidase offers:

  • Purity – Increasing speed and precision in your assays
  • Reliability – meeting the latest accuracy guidelines from the FDA
  • Reproducibility – maintaining consistency even in high volumes
  • Choice – multiple grades for cost effective solutions


Glucose Oxidase can be used in the determination of glucose in biosensors and in colorimetric assays in conjunction with Peroxidase. It can also be used as an enzyme label for example in ELISA systems.

Looking for specific amounts of glucose oxidase for your specialised assays? Speak to our team who can help you find the amount you’re looking for – or browse and buy online today

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