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Bulk Enzyme Capability

Bulk Enzymes

BBI Solutions are specialists in the sourcing and procurement of bulk animal and plant raw materials to produce high volume enzymes.

We have developed a series of preparations for our products to provide a range of specific activities in line with our customer’s requirements. Our many commercial partners have come to rely on BBI for consistent production of high quality, high volume enzymes.

We are a leading manufacturer of high volume bovine Chymotrypsin and Trypsin, and Horseradish Peroxidase. Our team of enzyme extraction experts has been manufacturing these enzymes for over 40 years at our ISO 9001:2008 production facility in Cape Town, South Africa, to meet the demands of the global market.

Cost effective solutions

Our bulk extraction batch capability ranges from 50Kg up to 7 ton per extraction cycle and is coupled with an extraction processing capacity of up to 16 000L, ensuring cost effective solutions to high volume requirements.

Batch-to-batch consistency

Our raw material selection and production procedures have been optimised to achieve batch-to-batch consistency.

High quality

Downstream purification using proprietary methods developed over many years, and stringent quality control procedures applied at all stages of manufacture/purification, ensure consistent high quality enzymes.


BBI enzymes are produced in compliance to ISO 9001:2008. We also maintain a Certificate of Suitability for TSE Risk Management issued by the EDQM for materials derived from bovine raw material.

Secure supply

We have well established direct relationships with our raw material suppliers ensuring a reliable and well controlled supply chain.

True source of origin

BBI offers true bovine material through secure supply and traceability, ensuring peace of mind to our customers.

Key bulk extraction enzymes from BBI include:

Working in partnership

BBI maintains a close relationship with all major scientific communities and universities in South Africa, with advanced protein and genomic research facilities, whose capabilities include Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS, MALDI TOF), Protein identification, Amino Acid sequencing, ICP analysis and Electron microscopy.

Our production capabilities

Salt/solvent fractionation techniques are applied during product purification with batch sizes up to 5000L.

Product realisation and final purification processes by Ion exchange chromatography of up to 700L capacity (columns up to 200L) and hydrophobic interaction chromatography capacity of up to 100L capacity. We also employ highly effective protein purification by crystallisation in specialised protein crystallisation vessels of up to 1000L.

BBI uses ultrafiltration technology across a range of applications such as concentration, diafiltration, and purification, with large scale ultrafiltration capabilities of up to 30 000L per day.

Final products are prepared as freeze dried product with a maximum freeze dry capacity of 420 L per cycle in an ISO 8, class 100 000 facility using automated shelf freeze driers: 2x 60L and 3x 100L capacity units. Contract freeze drying service is also available.

Development of assay/test procedures e.g. enzyme activity, protein concentration, ELISA, Microtitre based Kinetic assays, HPLC, SDS-PAGE & IEF analyses guarantee accurate product characterisation.

All final products are packed according to customer specification (freeze dried powder, protein precipitate).

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