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Medical Grade Soluble Bovine Collagen

This highly pure CellAdvance® Medical Grade soluble bovine collagen is treated with pepsin to remove the telopeptide region. This means it has a lower immune response than other collagen forms which have an intact telopeptide region and is suitable for GMP cell culture applications including the growth of stem cells and primary cells, regenerative medicine, or 3D cell scaffolding.

Manufactured to internationally recognised ISO standards specifically applicable to medical devices involving the use of animal tissue or derivatives, the raw materials used to produce this collagen solution are also fully traceable and BSE-free.

  • Manufactured in a UK facility certified ISO 13485 and ISO 22442.
  • Raw materials sourced from countries known to be BSE-free; EDQM-certified.
  • Liquid form available in 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml concentrations.

Ordering Codes

CT-3BC-MG 3mg/ml, Medical Grade, Pepsin derived soluble bovine collagen
CT-6BC-MG 6mg/ml, Medical Grade, Pepsin derived soluble bovine collagen



Soluble Bovine Collagen Datasheet

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