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Human Platelet Lysate (hPL) Matrix

Together with our partners at PL BioScience, BBI Solutions introduces you to CellAdvance® hPL Matrix. An alternative to animal-derived scaffold proteins, our viscous gel hPL Matrix – available in sterile, filtered, lyophilised form – supports cultured cell growth and adhesion.

Manufactured for basic research and development, CellAdvance hPL Matrix provides a suitable 3D matrix for cell cultures with the same components as the over-layered culture medium. With its uniform distribution of growth factors throughout the matrix, cells can grow in several layers at the interface layer, which minimises contact inhibition with artificial biomaterials. Other benefits of our hPL Matrix include:

  • Convenient 5ml packs.
  • A human-derived product from donor units sourced from EMA-certified German blood banks.
  • Easier cell harvesting thanks to viscous gel consistency.


Figure 1. Proliferation of human bone marrow-derived MSC increased in a concentration-dependent manner with hPL Matrix, hPL Solution and FBS, respectively

Matrix-Graph 1-01

Figure 2. Immunophenotype profile of bone marrow-derived MSC cultivated on TCP or on hPL Matrix revealed the same CD14+, CD31-, CD34-, CD45-, CD29+, CD73+, CD90+ and CD105+ immunophenotype without significant differences in the mean signal intensity.

Figure 3. Differentiation potential

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CT-HPLM-RG/0005 Research Grade, hPL Matrix, 5ml



HPL Matrix Datasheet

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