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Next Generation Assay Development

We are committed to developing or finding the latest flow test technologies and innovations to improve assay performance. From high quality raw materials and new production techniques which increase sensitivity or specificity, to cutting-edge technologies and system designs that enhance the end user experience, we can work with you to choose the right solution for your assay.

Our specialist custom assay services include:


Morffi™ signal enhancement technology

Our Morffi technology is a proprietary signal enhancement technology that improves the sensitivity of lateral flow immunoassays. It can provide up to a 10-fold improvement in the limit of detection, enhances assay sensitivity and may offer a faster time-to-results for situations where a quick diagnosis is critical to patient care.

The Morffi technology overcomes the issues commonly associated with BSA conjugate blocking to improve analyte-specific binding, and is suitable for a wide range of lateral flow applications.

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Novarum™ Reader

Novarum Reader is a powerful mHealth (mobile health) software tool that enables you to read and share the results of diagnostic assays – anytime, anywhere – using nothing more than a smartphone.

An intuitive 'app-style' interface automatically reads and sends lateral flow test results on this smartphone diagnostic assay reader, without the risk of human error. This makes it easy to connect patients with doctors, field workers with lab researchers, and primary care with specialist services – putting reliable results in the hands of the people who need them.

Designed specifically for the diagnostics market, it provides:

  • quantitative data without changing platforms
  • instant access to results for end users
  • better connectivity between patients, doctors and other medical professionals
  • added value and a market differentiator for your assay

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Choose Next Generation Assay Development at BBI

At BBI, we offer technologies that improve assay performance. If you’re interested in our signal enhancement technology or mobile health software tool, get in touch.

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