Recombinant Human Procalcitonin (aa1-116)

Procalcitonin (PCT) is a 116 amino acid residue protein with a molecular weight of approximately 13kDa. It is secreted by a variety of different cells from numerous organs in response to proinflammatory stimulation. PCT has been identified as an important marker to use for the diagnosis and management of bacterial infections and sepsis. PCT is also extremely useful for physicians as it enables specific differentiation between a bacterial infection and any other causes of inflammatory reactions, (such as viral infections, allergies, autoimmune disease and graft rejection) which do not lead to a significant increase in PCT.
More Information
Abbreviation PCT
Applications Academic, Biosensors, Clinical Chemistry, Control Manufacture, ELISA, Lateral Flow, Life Science
Keywords Recombinant Human Procalcitonin (aa1-116) / PCT
Molecular Weight 13000 Da
NCBI Entrez Gene ID 796
Presentation Matrix Single homogenous batch, supplied lyophilised from 50mM NaH2PO4, pH 7.5, containing 150mM NaCl.
Product Category This is an R&D Prototype recombinant antigen
Purity/Grade > 96%, defined by Coomassie stained SDS-PAGE
Recommended Use

As a reagent for use in creating standards and controls for immunoassay. PCT is a marker for early sepsis diagnosis and monitoring progression of the disease and the effectiveness of treatment.

Shipping Recommendation Cool pack
Solubility It is recommended that deionised water is used to reconstitute the material.
Source Recombinant from Escherichia Coli
Storage Store below -15°C
UniProt Number P01258
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