BBI Celebrates British Science Week


BBI Celebrates British Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week, we thought we would mark the occasion by highlighting some recent scientific papers, published this year in renowned journals such as Nature and The Journal of Physical Chemistry that utilise BBI solutions world class gold nanoparticles.

The extensive nanoparticle range, available in various sized particles, allows researchers and academics to apply these products across a variety of applications. Many of them push the boundaries of innovation and help create truly next generation products that vary from new analytical techniques and biosensors to calibration controls and molecular based lateral flow assays.

In 1857, Michael Faraday, one of Britain’s most recognised scientists, created gold nanoparticles in the basement laboratory of the Royal Institutive in London. His work is still on display over 160 years later.

Below is a selection of our favourite online abstracts published this year. Although based in British Heritage, research using gold nanoparticles is now being carried out across the Globe and is subject to many exciting advances.

Are you doing something interesting with gold nanoparticles? Share your discoveries with us via social media or get in touch.   

Multiple size gold nanoparticles (2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 nm)

Sizing gold nanoparticles using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry


5nm gold nanoparticles

Antitumor therapeutic application of self-assembled RNAi-AuNP nanoconstructs: Combination of VEGF-RNAi and photothermal ablation


10nm, 30nm and 60nm gold nanoparticles

Investigation of cloud point extraction for the analysis of metallic nanoparticles in a soil matrix


20nm gold nanoparticles

Competitive inhibition assay for the detection of progesterone in dairy milk using a fiber optic SPR biosensor


40nm gold nanoparticles

Selection, Characterization and Application of Artificial DNA Aptamer Containing Appended Bases with Sub-nanomolar Affinity for a Salivary Biomarker


50nm gold nanoparticles

Dynamic Optical Switching of Polymer/Plasmonic Nanoparticle Hybrids with Sparse Loading


60nm and 100nm gold nanoparticles

Conductive hybrid matrigel layer to enhance electrochemical signals of human embryonic stem cells


80nm and 200nm gold nanoparticles

Measuring molecular motions inside single cells with improved analysis of single-particle trajectories

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