Rare Disease Day


Rare Disease Day

The 28th February marks Rare Disease Day: an awareness day created by the international charity EURODIS and the Council of National Alliances. Running for the last 10 years, its mission is to raise awareness for people who suffer from rare diseases and those close to them.

Rare diseases will affect up to 7% of the UK population and there are thought to be between 6000-8000 rare diseases that are known to affect people around the World.¹

A number of the rare diseases can be genetic in origin (thought to be around 80%) and many of them affect children and infants, where symptoms first present themselves. In these instances the rare diseases may be ‘chronic and progressive’² so research into these areas is essential in improving the quality of patient lives.

Other causes of rare diseases can be environmental, infectious diseases: person to person via skin, saliva, blood or from insect or animal bites to humans. They can also be auto immune or unusual cancers.

As a developer of lateral flow devices, (rapid, diagnostic tests ideal for the quick and easy diagnosis of medical conditions) we understand the importance of exploration into this field of medicine and are able to ethically source patient samples of infectious diseases should research require.

We also have experience working across a number of projects for infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, HIV, Malaria and Influenza. If you are looking to develop an infectious disease assay or point of care rapid test, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help.

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