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In vitro Antibody Production in Hollow Fibre

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For customers who require larger than 1 gram lot sizes and predictable yields, BBI now offers cGMP* in vitro antibody
productions in a hollow fibre continuous perfusion system, significantly improving scalability and security in bulk.

Why hollow fibre production with BBI?

+ Batch sizes up to 5 grams
+ Serum and animal component-free culture system • No contaminating mouse or bovine IgG
+ Predictable long-term costs and ability for guaranteed yields
+ Extensive expertise and capabilities in the maintenance of hybridoma cell lines, including routine subcloning
+ Protein A purification for highly pure monomeric antibody
+ Option to conjugate bulk productions to BBI’s gold nanoparticles, or seamlessly integrate with our lateral flow services

There are 3 production models to fit your requirements:

Pilot Evaluation:

+ Evaluate productivity of cell line in hollow fibre via 4 week production run
200-400mgs of cGMP* antibody
Post pilot, cell lines are eligible for fixed cost model

Fixed Cost Model:

Generate defined mass of purified monoclonal antibody
Defined monoclonal antibody quantity delivered at a fixed per/mg price

Run Time Model:

+ If defined yield or fixed pricing not required, run a production for a defined number of weeks in a time billing model
+ All purified antibody generated in the time scale is delivered at the close of production run

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*21 CFR Part 820, For Research and In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only

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