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​​​​​​​New BBI Solutions Novarum™️ app provides UK-RTC Covid certificates for smartphones

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New BBI Solutions Novarum™️ app provides UK-RTC (UK Rapid Test Consortium) Covid certificates for smartphones

Crumlin-based manufacturer and developer BBI Solutions has welcomed UK-RTC’s announcement that the AbC-19™ rapid test is now paired with a simple-to-use mobile app which allows a trained professional to generate and store a secure antibody certificate on a person’s mobile with the capability of storing multiple family members on it.

BBI’s patented Novarum™️ technology transforms a smartphone into a diagnostics test reader, empowering users to read, share and store their results from the point of care.

The AbC-19™ rapid test is a simple, user-friendly, accurate and reliable neutralising antibody test indicating recovery post infection or presence of neutralising antibodies post vaccine. Testing can take place in a wide range of environments including pharmacies or the workplace, if used by a trained user.

The innovative initiative to facilitate the creation and sharing of digital Covid test certificates, will support employers and travel providers, impacting on the lifting of restrictions, the safe reopening of venues and events globally and contributing to a return to normal life.

BBI’s Novarum™️ technology is used to read diagnostic tests around the world, and a version of the product was recently certified with a CE (Conformité Européenne / European Conformity) mark, meaning it can be legally sold within the EU and is available for commercial distribution, to record the results of Sars-Cov-2 antibody tests and enabling independent verification of vaccination.

Based on the Apple and Google approach for boarding passes, users will not need to install any new apps thanks to the new feature being built using a trusted existing interface compatible with all smartphones. The QR code will be stored in the wallet feature of the smartphone, allowing the individual to control access to their personal results.

The certificate can be verified by anyone via a QR code.

Dr Neil Polwart Head of Mobile at BBI Solution said:

“As diagnostics moves ever closer to the patient, we saw a new challenge of enabling the patient to carry their test result with them.  We wanted to do this in a way which would not require the patient to install any new apps or anyone checking the certificate to need special software, so that people could be assured we had privacy as the priority.

“Using our expertise and experience in the development and delivery of next generation diagnostic technologies within mobile health, we have created this additional functionality for Novarum™️ feature to be simple, secure and shareable and with the readiness to deploy at scale within weeks. With its functionality for both antigen and antibody testing, the easy-to-use application will support test providers and users through the whole process.”

Dr Mario Gualano, Chief Executive of BBI Group, said:

“This is an exciting development which will prove beneficial to both individuals and businesses as the country gradually reopens after this latest lockdown. We are incredibly pleased to have achieved a CE mark for our innovative application; this will be a real confidence boost for global governments and private sector businesses looking to embrace the technology.”

Used across a wide range of different assay formats and applications, including lateral flow and ELISA tests, the platform’s accuracy, connectivity and ease of use has been invaluable for the medical, veterinary, defence, agricultural and environmental sectors.

Novarum holds patents in Europe, the US, China, Japan and Russia and BBI is also ISO 13485:2016 certified for Medical Device Quality Management Systems.

Watch the video below to learn more or visit the dedicated ABC-19 UK-RTC site https://www.abc19.com/uk-rtc-antibody-certificate-smartphone-app/

About the UK-RTC

The UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC) was founded in response to a UK Government call for businesses to work together on a rapid antibody test to be rolled out nationally. Led by Abingdon Health, it’s members also include, BBI Solutions, CIGA Healthcare and Omega Diagnostics. The Abc-19TM is approved in Europe and the UK for professional use and is available for sale.

About the AbC-19™ Rapid Test 

The AbC-19™ Rapid Test is a single use test for the detection of neutralising IgG antibodies to the full trimeric spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in human capillary whole blood. 





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