Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) Monoclonal Antibody

AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein) is a plasma protein produced by the yolk sac and the liver during fetal development. It is thought to be the fetal form of serum albumin. In pregnant women AFP levels can be measured from urine, maternal blood or amniotic fluid. It is used as part of a screening test for various developmental abnormalities in which AFP will be elevated.
More Information
Amount 1mg
Disease Area Tumour Markers
Host mouse
Immunogen Human recombinant AFP
Presentation Matrix 0.1M Phosphate Buffer Saline buffer at pH 7.4. Preservative: 0.05% sodium azide
Product Category Monoclonal Antibodies
Purity/Grade Protein A
Recommended Use Antibody specifically detects AFP (recombinant and native). Recommended as the detection antibody in ELISA . Pairs with the capture antibody BM315-H6H8. Considered appropriate for use in Sandwich ELISA assays.
Reconstitution Advice n/a - liquid
Storage 2-8 °C
Target Species human
Tested Applications ELISA Assay
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