Aggrecan Monoclonal Antibody Fab2 Fragments

Aggrecan is a protein encoded by the ACAN gene that is an integral component of cartilage. Degradation of aggrecan is a feature of osteoarthritis. Since aggrecan can be measured in serum or urine, aggrecan has the potential to be useful in monitoring osteoarthritis drug effectiveness.
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Amount 1mg
Disease Area Bone Metabolism Markers
Function in Disease Bone Metabolism Markers
Host mouse
Immunogen Human recombinant Aggrecan
Isotype IgG1, F(ab’)2 Fragments
Presentation Matrix 0.1M Phosphate Buffer Saline buffer at pH 7.4. Preservative: 0.05% sodium azide
Product Category Monoclonal Antibodies
Purity/Grade Protein A
Recommended Use Antibody specifically detects Human Aggrecan (native), Hyaluronic Acid Binding Region. Recommended as the detector antibody in Sandwich ELISA / ELISA assays with BM447-M5H9 as the capture antibody. BM447-P7F2 is also available in full length IgG format, product code: BM447-P7F1.
Reconstitution Advice n/a - liquid
Storage 2-8 °C
Target Species human
Tested Applications ELISA Assay
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