Webinar: The Ultimate Guide to Lateral Flow

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Thursday 18th May, 3pm BST ( 4pm CET, 10am EST, 7am PST)

Lateral flow immunoassays are simple yet powerful diagnostic tools. They offer a highly accessible, cost effective alternative or complementary diagnostic to central lab based platforms. They are becoming increasingly popular for organisations wishing to develop rapid tests for use at home or at the point-of-care (be that in a clinician’s surgery, hospital or remote areas far from medical centres).

They can allow fast diagnosis of conditions such as infectious diseases or autoimmune disorders, but are not limited to medical applications and so can also be used for purposes such as:

  • Drugs of abuse
  • Veterinary
  • Food safety and beverage testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Consumer products (available over the counter e.g. Pregnancy/Fertility tests)
  • Complimentary therapeutics to pharmaceutical products (drug efficacy)

This webinar will explore the basic principles of lateral flow, component parts to insights into the benefits and limitations of the technology.

Our informative interactive session will also cover topics such as material selection and development considerations as well as common pitfalls to avoid when developing an assay. If you’re struggling to reach the limit of detection or achieve sensitivity for your tests, this is your opportunity to ask the experts.

We will also be showcasing BBI Solutions’ latest innovation; MorffiTM. An innovative technology (offered as part of BBI’s Research and Development (R&D) service) which provides Signal Enhancement to lateral flow assays. BBI can now reveal new data demonstrating that an accelerated time to result can also be achieved when compared to a standard bovine serum albumin (BSA) assay.

Key Learning points

  • Principles of lateral flow
  • Materials selection
  • Testing methods
  • Quantification and reader options
  • Manufacturing considerations
  • Plus a live Q&A session
Darren Rowles, Product Specialist

Presenter – Darren Rowles, Product Specialist

Darren Rowles is the Product Manager for Lateral Flow and Gold Nanoparticles at BBI. He has been with BBI for over 13 years and in that time has progressed through the business, moving from the labs to a commercial role. Darren has a degree in Biomedical Science from Cardiff University and a masters degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Melanie Harding, Marketing Manager

Moderator -  Melanie Harding, Marketing Manager

Melanie is a Marketing Manager for the lateral flow development team at BBI Solutions. Having previously worked for BBI Healthcare in a business to consumer marketing role, she now enjoys working alongside Darren Rowles in a business to business function, promoting BBI’s R&D services in Europe and the USA. She has recently achieved her CAM (CIM) Diploma in Digital Marketing and has a BA in English and Drama from The University of the West of England.

Karen Whiting, Global Head of New Product Development

Technical Specialist – Karen Whiting, Global Head of New Product Development.

Dr Whiting is a Biochemist with 20 years’ experience working in the lateral flow immunoassay field. She has worked at BBI for 17 years and her area of expertise is discovering and introducing new products and technologies to improve the performance of immunoassays. She leads the team that developed the Morffi technology and created the Whitepaper: Morffi - Enhanced performance of a lateral flow assay. Karen will be available to answer any technical questions.

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