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NOVARUM™ Dx has created the only end-to-end mobile test reader system currently available in the marketplace.

The Reader works like an app – however the software is customised to create a reading and reporting system specific to your needs.


There's no new kit to buy, simply use your own smartphone to obtain the data. Existing smartphones are tuned into the Novarum™ Reader using Novarum™’s patented image processing technology

Results can be shared instantly and made accessible online or through existing data management platforms

Image quality is assessed before capture, so you don't waste time storing and transmitting sub-standard images.


By using The Novarum™ Reader at home, patients with chronic conditions no longer have to wait weeks or months between tests. Objective information can be relayed to health professionals at optimum intervals, and treatment adjusted and administered as often as necessary.


Lab quality results. Right here. Right now.

  • Immediate – get instant pass/fail results
  • No delays – tests are read and shared in minutes
  • Easy – if you can use a smartphone, you can use the Novarum™ Reader
  • Reliable – removes human error
  • Connectivity – get the data at point of test or online
  • Automatic - reports can be sent from database
  • Traceable – test location, time and result can all be stored
  • Add value – existing customers can provide quantitative data without changing platforms
  • Customised – have the app designed for your assays only
  • Patient benefits – privacy, control and test reminders
  • Set norms – differentiate parameters for different patients
  • Traceability – full test location and time as well as barcode read test strip all stored automatically if needed
  • Extend the life of your assay – providing a next generation format without the high redevelopment costs
  • Low costs – very low per user cost and potential revenue generation opportunities
  • Flexible – set norms for different patients


  • Test is cassette specific
  • Lot specific standard curves – e.g. via barcode data
  • Software security – compiled code can't be hacked or broken down
  • Patent-protected - ensures suitable image quality
  • Data encryption – protects information if phones are lost or stolen
  • App can be wiped remotely
  • Optional two-factor authentication - online banking level security
  • 256-bit SSL secure connection


The impact of mHealth is evident in diagnostic testing from the point of care, recording patient data for trend analysis and tracking infectious disease outbreaks.

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mHealth (mobile health) app development is growing exponentially – creating new opportunities for both businesses and clinicians to achieve transformations in the future of digital healthcare. Yet, few diagnostic companies have embraced mobile technology in a truly disruptive manner.

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Leading diagnostic smartphone specialist, Novarum DX, can provide guidance on specifying the performance characteristics of diagnostics readers. Would you like to learn more? Download our new technical whitepaper

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The FDA and European regulators encourage the development of mobile medical apps to enable patients to manage their own health and well-being, yet the regulatory status of a smartphone remains a source of confusion.

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We’ve compiled answers to common misconceptions surrounding our smartphone-enabled point of care testing (poct) technology, as part of an FAQ Guide.

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