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Morffi™ signal enhancement technology: New data released demonstrating accelerated results

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The BBI Scientists that brought you the Morffi signal enhancement technology are pleased to release new data. This newly published information, using BNP as an example assay, shows that the proprietary innovation can provide accelerated time to results in a lateral flow assay, when compared to a standard BSA blocked conjugation.

The paper covers the methodology used; dried down conjugate strips in assembled lateral flow cassettes. The results display a noticeably faster time to result and improved limit of detection between the two experiments, highlighting that the Morffi technology can offer a substantial improvement in a BNP assay.

This theory can be applied to a number of different biomarkers and analytes. BNP was selected to showcase this data, as it represents an example where critical diagnosis is needed as it is a cardiac marker of heart failure. In these instances, a faster time to result would be beneficial to the healthcare professionals and therefore improve patient care and outcome.

Results which are published in this downloadable paper, support the previously published Whitepaper, Morffi signal enhancement technology: Enhanced Performance of a Lateral Flow Assay.

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