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Gold Conjugation Services

Expert custom conjugation service  

We have over 25 years of experience conjugating a wide range of different biomolecules to gold, from antibodies and antigens to affimers and biotinylated proteins.  

BBI’s custom conjugation service allows us to develop high-quality conjugates using reagents provided by you or sourced by us from our own extensive range of products and commercial partners. 

One of the most important factors in the development of a reliable assay is the quality of the gold conjugate. At BBI Solutions we use the highest quality grades of gold nanoparticles and apply our proprietary conjugation protocol to deliver an optimised product that meets the demands of your assay.  

Specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility should define the specification and fulfil your absolute minimum expectations of the conjugate. Our scientists work in partnership with customers to bring all the vital ingredients together and provide sensitive, stable, reproducible conjugates time after time. 

Conjugates designed to meet your individual needs 

Our custom conjugation service includes: 

Advice on the optimum nanoparticle and size to use for your application 

Conjugation of your antibody or protein to a nanoparticle and size of your choice 

Particle Analysis 

Batch sizes up to 24L at OD10 

Sourcing your required antibody or protein 

Long term stability analysis (on request) 

Selection of appropriate final buffer for the conjugate 

Custom OD preparation (not limited to OD10) 

Antibody Screening 

QC test development 

Optimisation of sensitivity and potential stability 

Comprehensive lab report on conjugate performance 

At the start of the project we will ask you for the following customer inputs and we will deliver the following  listed outputs: 


Customer inputs 

BBI outputs 

Choose your target protein (antibody/protein) 

Initial 10ml of final optimised product – (enough for 1000 prototype lateral flow strips*) 

Identify target sensitivity 

Excess reagents banked for future production 

Identify particle size 

Full laboratory report on performance customised to your requirements 

Concentration of final conjugate required 

Access to technical team post conjugation 

Provide 3-5mg of protein for conjugation and QC materials 

*using a 1:5 dilution of OD10 conjugate per strip 

Custom conjugation questionnaire

Start your conjugation journey with BBI Solutions. Download a copy of our custom conjugation questionnaire here

A quality solution 

Every custom conjugation is QC tested with customer supplied materials. Your unique sign-off procedure is brought into BBI to ensure every batch of gold conjugate we deliver meets your requirements and works with your in-house system. 

Bulk production 

Following collaboration on the optimisation of the conjugate to your test specifications, we are able to provide conjugate in bulk. We can put a commercial supply plan in place and supply single batch volumes of up to 24l at OD10 (conjugates can be supplied at a range of other OD concentrations at a lower volume), delivered on a two to four week turnaround. 

Please contact our Customer Services Team directly to discuss your requirements on tel:+44 (0) 1495 363000 or alternatively you can submit an enquiry here.

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