BBI Substrates for proven performance 

BBI Solutions offer specific and sensitive IVD signal solutions with proven performance 

The right substrate can make a substantial contribution to the overall sensitivity of your assay. The following BioFX® substrates with different kinetic formulations give you the freedom to choose the substrate that optimizes the dynamic range of your immunoassay without compromising assay sensitivity.

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BioFX™ brand range of substrate solutions  

BBI offers the  BioFX™ brand range of substrate solutions, designed primarily for use in IVD applications, to our EU clients. The range has ready to use substrate solutions for both Horse Radish Peroxidase and Alkaline Phosphatase enzyme, complimenting the BBI manufactured enzyme products. 

The BioFX™ TMB family has a broad range of kinetic rates with low background and improved signal‐to‐noise ratios that improve assay performance.  The BioFX® TMB One Component HRP Microwell Substrate contains 3,3’,5,5’‐tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) and is supplied as a ready‐to‐use solution.  Peroxidase reacts with the substrate solution to produce a soluble blue reaction product that can be read at 370 nm or 620‐650 nm for ELISA applications.  Stop solutions can be added to prevent further colour development and reading the absorbance values at the desired wavelengths.  

BioFX™ alkaline phosphatase substrates contain p‐nitrophenylphosphate (p‐NPP) and are supplied as formulated solutions for immunoassay applications.  A soluble yellow product is obtained when this substrate is reacted with alkaline phosphatase. 


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If you require any further product specific technical information or datasheets please submit your request to our technical team here 

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The acquisition of DIARECT in June 2020 and their world leading recombinant autoimmune antigen capability immediately enhances BBI’s portfolio and position as a ‘complete’ immunoassay reagent supplier. This further enhances BBI’s position as the world’s largest diagnostics components company with a market leading antigen portfolio.


Maine Biotechnology Services brings 27 years of knowledge, experience, process development, and project management to our customers to ensure the best possible antibodies for any application. As antibody development goals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry have evolved the acquisition of MBS will help BBI further meet and exceed our customers needs.


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