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Signal Enhancers

Signal Enhancers - Streptavidin and Polystreptavidin

Streptavidin is a tetrameric protein (4 x 13 kDa), which binds very tightly to the small molecule Biotin. The binding of streptavidin to biotin is one of the strongest known non-covalent biological bonds, and is resistant to breaking by temperature, pH, solvents and other chemical influences. Biotin will displace almost any other molecule bound to streptavidin and can be easily conjugated to other biomolecules which makes this a highly effective binding system for use in a wide range of applications, particularly immunoassay. A single molecule of streptavidin can bind up to 4 biotin/biotinylated proteins. However, the use of Polystreptavidin allows for many more biotin molecules to bind to a single molecule. The use of Polystreptavidin can reduce noise, increase signal and specificity, and significantly reduce the cost of reagents in the development of immunoassays. 

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Polystreptavidin from BBI

A chemically modified polymer made from recombinant streptavidin plus native avidin with an exceptional capacity for biotin binding.   

Our formulation is a solution of Polystreptavidin in 0.05M Phosphate Buffered Saline containing 0.05% NaN3, pH 7.4 at a concentration between 1-5 mg/ml ready for coating. 

Our Polystreptavidin reagents have the potential to improve not only the sensitivity of lateral flow tests but also the signal-to-noise ratio, all whilst saving material costs.   


  • High biotin binding capacity in low concentrations  
  • High affinity and high signal-to-noise ratio  
  • No washing or blocking steps required  
  • High homogeneity and generous shelf life  
  • High thermo and chemical stability 



























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If you require any further product specific technical information or datasheets please submit your request to our technical team here 

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