Monoclonal anti biotin (40nm)

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Monoclonal anti biotin (40nm)

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Product Details

MAB40 is part of BBI's Anti-Biotin Gold Conjugate family for use in the detection of biotinylated markers

Available sizes; 5mL, 100mL and 500mL

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The acquisition of DIARECT in June 2020 and their world leading recombinant autoimmune antigen capability immediately enhances BBI’s portfolio and position as a ‘complete’ immunoassay reagent supplier. This further enhances BBI’s position as the world’s largest diagnostics components company with a market leading antigen portfolio.


Maine Biotechnology Services brings 27 years of knowledge, experience, process development, and project management to our customers to ensure the best possible antibodies for any application. As antibody development goals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry have evolved the acquisition of MBS will help BBI further meet and exceed our customers needs.


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