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Smartphone calprotectin test

First Calprotectin Home Test Kit

In our latest case study we discuss how Novarum has worked closely with world-leading in-vitro diagnostic specialist, BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG, to develop the first calprotectin home test kit using a mobile app. Producers of unique, high-quality assays for routine clinical use, BÜHLMANN’s calprotectin assays are paving the way for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) screening as well as disease monitoring.

Novarum™ worked with BÜHLMANN to create the first CE-Marked smartphone-based calprotectin home test – IBDoc®, the first in-vitro diagnostic home testing device measuring the inflammatory marker for faecal calprotectin at home. Patients test for biomarkers, such as calprotectin, and receive real-time information about the inflammatory condition of the gut, without leaving the comfort of their own home.
In order to create a complete end-to-end solution, Novarum™ created a custom mobile app – CalApp® for BÜHLMANN built on top of its patent protected smartphone reader technology. This is supported by Application Programming Interface (API) architecture that enables the IBDoc® Portal to serve as a platform for healthcare professionals to register and manage patient information, as well as follow their test results over time – helping to identify and pre-empt emerging trends, whilst empowering patients to better manage their conditions.
“Novarum’s API solution gives us a platform where data can be shared across partner organisations and research institutions. By pooling this data with universities and research institutions, we are deepening our collective knowledge and helping to create connected solutions that enable us to identify trends more effectively and potential solutions – creating a step-change in how we treat, monitor and manage IBD.”
Product Manager IBDoc, BÜHLMANN


Novarum has developed site architecture for IBDoc® that allows BÜHLMANN to control exactly who is permitted to receive access to which data, with sophisticated levels of user access control. Through the use of application program interfaces on both the CalApp® and web-services, BÜHLMANN has been able to give patients the ability to collect and record data while sharing it with professionals and organisations they trust, including Electronic Healthcare providers and pharmaceutical partners, to help shape the future of their care.
The portal was designed with the highest security standards to keep confidential information safe and serves as a communication platform between patient and the doctor. The healthcare professional receives a push notification when the test is performed and the results are instantly transferred to the web portal. Depending on the test result, doctors can communicate with patients to advise on further investigative steps or changes in disease management.

Dr Neil Polwart, Novarum Founder, BBI Group Head of Mobile said: “BÜHLMANN recognised early, through its engagement with key industry stakeholders, that they needed to interact closely with other data collectors to deliver a positive experience for the patient and provide useful information to the relevant clinicians quickly. A key requirement has been that users should not have to login to multiple systems to access their data, and so a form of federalised security has been employed, which has meant that as the geographic reach of the product has spread; the regional infrastructure to support the local data regulations has been scaled-up”.


Dr Christian Reinhard, Product Manager IBDoc®,BÜHLMANN continued: “The next horizon that we are aiming for is predictive healthcare – an advanced prognostic algorithm that could enable us to accurately predict how patients are going to react to certain conditions, or highlight when a flare is pending, so that we are able to put advance treatment in place before the symptoms manifest”. “It’s an exciting time for the industry. We’re rapidly nearing a game-changing point in how we monitor and treat patients at the point of care and we are very excited about what the future holds and the role that mobile technology has to play in this transformation of the healthcare landscape.”

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