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Our passionate, energetic people challenge themselves and others

We are looking for committed employees who can work independently, responsibly, and in line with our company values

With us, you’ll be working for a successful international company that is focused on growth, innovation and the highest quality standards. It’s a place where ambitious, independent people can make their mark, develop and contribute. 

The BBI Group is a hugely exciting business, with a culture of partnership, teamwork and trust at its heart. BBI is employee-oriented where individuals can feel part of a challenging environment which fosters support, personal growth and strong leadership. 

Our Job Descriptions will detail not just the role and responsibilities, but the challenges you can expect to face, the long term strategic and creative opportunities, the environment, culture, and where the role can go. You’ll understand the full value proposition of working for BBI, both short and long term, and you’ll have input into how that develops. 

We work hard and we are results-driven. Our products empower people to make life-changing decisions about managing their health, and we take pride in what we are achieving. It’s an open, honest and fair culture, where close relationships are valued, and we’re here to make a contribution. We hope you’ll be part of that. 

What do we look for in potential new team members? 

At BBI, we want people who can appreciate the opportunities the business offers and want to be involved. 

We’re looking for passionate, energetic people who are prepared to challenge themselves and others. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking, learning from our mistakes and celebrating our successes. We build relationships to share ideas, values and best practice. We treat our customers, partners and employees with integrity and respect, and value you as an individual, and your contribution to the bigger picture. 

So, show us that you are interested. 

Read up on the company, and be able to demonstrate at interview that you: 

  • Know what we do and can explain why that interests you 
  • Have a connection to our values and ethos 
  • Can see yourself as part of the team 

We want the people who fit best with our culture, so our selection process is robust; expect to have to think on your feet, and to talk openly about why you want to work here. 

Tell us honestly about your background and experiences. We’re genuinely fascinated by what makes you individual. 

Please use the ‘register interest’ option in the vacancies list to send us your CV. 

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To find out more about careers within the BBI Group, check out our list of our current vacancies > 

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BBI Solutions Brands


The acquisition of DIARECT in June 2020 and their world leading recombinant autoimmune antigen capability immediately enhances BBI’s portfolio and position as a ‘complete’ immunoassay reagent supplier. This further enhances BBI’s position as the world’s largest diagnostics components company with a market leading antigen portfolio.


Maine Biotechnology Services brings 27 years of knowledge, experience, process development, and project management to our customers to ensure the best possible antibodies for any application. As antibody development goals in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry have evolved the acquisition of MBS will help BBI further meet and exceed our customers needs.


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