IgE elevated plasma

  • Product Code: SH234-4
  • Type:  Disease State Plasma 
  • Applications:  Control Manufacture  Clinical Chemistry 
  • Shipping recommendation:  -20°C recommended 
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Product Description

Citrate plasma with elevated levels of Immunoglobulin E. Normal range is < 600 IU/mL. All units have an extremely high level of  around 20,000 IU/mL. Raised levels found in a number of allergic and parasitic states including asthma. You will receive plasma picked at random from those listed on the attached Data sheet.The patient has tested highly positive for allergies to Dust Mites, animal dander, grass, tree (all class 6), less so to moulds and slightly to foods (class 2).

Product Summary

  • Purity / Grade: Raised
  • Presentation matrix:  Frozen liquid 
  • Source:  Plasma / Serum 
  • Abbreviation:  IgE 
  • Application Notes

  • Recommended Use: Research and manufacture
  • More Info

  • Shipping recommendation:  -20°C recommended 
  • Storage:  -20°C 
  • Keywords: Human IgE elevated plasma polyclonal