Thyroid Peroxidase

  • Product Code: P275-3
  • Type:  Recombinant Antigens 
  • Applications:  Biosensors  Life Science  Clinical Chemistry  Control Manufacture  ELISA Assay  Lateral Flow 
  • Shipping recommendation:  -20°C 
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Product Description

TPO is the antigenic determinant of the thyroid microsome associated with anti-TPO autoantibodies. Anti-TPO is an important secondary marker in the diagnosis of Grave's and Hashimoto disease. Thyroid antibodies are also associated with infertility and fetal loss. The main antigen in TMA is TPO

Product Summary

  • Purity / Grade: >96%
  • Presentation matrix:  PBS Buffer 
  • Source:  Recombinant from Baculovirus 
  • Abbreviation:  TPO 
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  • Shipping recommendation:  -20°C 
  • Storage:  -70°C 
  • Keywords: human, Thyroid Peroxidase, TPO, recombinant, baculovirus