Beta Glucosidase Enzymes > 1000 U/mg

  • Product Code: GSA2
  • Type:  Enzymes 
  • Applications:  Clinical Chemistry 
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Product Description

Beta-Glucosidase isolated from Sweet Almonds is used in the determination of alpha-amylase and in carbohydrate structure research. BBI Solutions offers two different grades, to best suit your application.

BBI Solutions products are not intended for use in pharmaceutical applications.

Product Summary

  • Purity / Grade: > 1000 U/mg
  • Systematic Name: β-D-Glucoside glucohydrolase
  • Unit Definition: The amount of enzyme causing the liveration of 1 microgram of glocose per minute at 35°C
  • Presentation matrix:  Lyophilised 
  • Specification:  > 1000 U/mg 
  • CAS Number: 9001-22-3
  • EC Number:
  • EINECS: 232-589-7
  • Source:  Sweet almonds 
  • Activity:  > 1000 U/mg 
  • Application Notes

  • Recommended Use: Determination of alpha-amylase / carbohydrate structure research
  • Solubility: Dissolves readily at 5mg/ml in 0.1M sodium acetate buffer, pH 5.0 to give a clear solution
  • More Info

  • Storage:  Store at < -15°C