Beta Glucosidase > 1000 U/mg

  • Product Code: GSA2
  • Type:  Enzymes 
  • Applications:  Clinical Chemistry 
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Product Description

Beta-Glucosidase isolated from Sweet Almonds is used in the determination of alpha-amylase and in carbohydrate structure research. BBI Solutions offers two different grades, to best suit your application.

BBI Solutions products are not intended for use in pharmaceutical applications and does not offer active pharmaceutical ingredients for sale in the USA.

Product Summary

  • Purity / Grade: > 1000 U/mg
  • Systematic Name: β-D-Glucoside glucohydrolase
  • Unit Definition: The amount of enzyme causing the liveration of 1 microgram of glocose per minute at 35°C
  • Presentation matrix:  Lyophilised 
  • Specification:  > 1000 U/mg 
  • CAS Number: 9001-22-3
  • EC Number:
  • EINECS: 232-589-7
  • Source:  Sweet almonds 
  • Activity:  > 1000 U/mg 
  • Application Notes

  • Recommended Use: Determination of alpha-amylase / carbohydrate structure research
  • Solubility: Dissolves readily at 5mg/ml in 0.1M sodium acetate buffer, pH 5.0 to give a clear solution
  • More Info

  • Storage:  Store at < -15°C