When results matter, only the best enzymes will do.

For people with diabetes, it is critical that they are able to measure their blood glucose levels accurately.  Electrochemical biosensors are the most widely used devices for monitoring levels on a daily basis.

BBI Solutions has supplied the biosensors market with high quality enzymes, to maximise the performance of these products, for over 20 years.

Through our international, multi-site manufacturing facilities, we can supply a selection of enzymes to meet your specific biosensor preferences.

Find out why the world’s leading manufacturers put their trust in BBI…

Glucose Oxidase

BBI’s Glucose Oxidase (GO) is tried, tested and proven to perform in over 5 billion test strips every year.

We regularly benchmark our material against our competitors, so we know we offer the greatest range and highest levels of purity, specificity and activity – avoiding interference and giving the user accurate results and a rapid response.

The high activity and stability of our GO means you use less enzyme per strip – reducing costs, while increasing the speed, accuracy and longevity of the strip, and it’s a proven raw material, which reduces validation time.

Our GO delivers:

  • High levels of activity and purity
  • Proven batch to batch consistency
  • Multiple grades offering choice and flexibility
  • High stability
  • Enables strip manufacturers to meet the latest regulatory requirements

Take a closer look at our Glucose Oxidase movie >>

Find out more about the grades of Glucose Oxidase available from BBI, download our Glucose Oxidase - Product Information Sheet

GLD3 image


BBI’s FAD glucose dehydrogenase (FAD-GDH) delivers increased accuracy by minimising interfering reactions.

Ideal for customers looking to expand their product range and meet tightening regulatory requirements, our FAD-GDH can provide:

  • Reduced cross reactivity and improved specificity
  • Reduced xylose interference
  • Improved reactivity on test strips
  • Bulk availability
  • High stability

Find out more about the grades of FAD-GDH available from BBI are right for your next assay, download our FAD-GDH – Product Information Sheet

Other Clinical Assays

We also offer biosensor enzymes for different analytes:

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