Next generation assay development to enhance the performance of your test

How optimised is your assay?

At BBI Solutions (BBI), we’re committed to developing or finding the latest technologies and innovations to improve assay performance, whether it is from the raw materials that make up an assay to the platform design to improve end user experience.


Why AtomoRapid™?

- AtomoRapid™ is an easy to use, all in one device that greatly simplifies test procedures

- Reducing complexity and the number of test components, AtomoRapid™ improves safety and reduces the risk of contamination

- Provides greater control and helps overcome common user errors

- The integrated design runs the complete test in a single device


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Novarum DX mobile reader solution

The Novarum Reader is a powerful software solution that lets you read and share the results of diagnostic assays (including lateral flow tests) using nothing more than a smartphone.

Our unique, world-leading technology can be used by anyone, anywhere, with minimal training: connecting patients and doctors, field workers and lab researchers, and primary care clinicians to specialist practices.

It’s powerful and fast, putting reliable results in the hands of the people who need them.

Improve the performance and extend the life of your assay

- Provide quantitative data without changing platforms

- Put lab quality results in the hands of your end user instantly

- Connect end users to doctors and professionals

- Protect and increase your market share

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