Intrinsic Factor

BBI Solutions launches high purity Intrinsic Factor

BBI Solutions (BBI) has announced the launch of its high purity Intrinsic Factor protein for the detection of vitamin B12. Primarily used in the diagnosis of pernicious anaemia, a condition caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency, Intrinsic Factor has a high affinity and specificity to vitamin B12, which makes it ideal for use in immunoassays. […]

BBI staff with the charitable donation of £1,500 for the ebola crisis

A Charitable Message from BBI

BBI Group’s vision is ‘a world where everyone has the opportunity for a better quality of life’, so instead of sending customers cards this year, the company has donated £1500 to the OXFAM Ebola Crisis Appeal. The Ebola virus is devastating communities. In West Africa, the number of cases, and suspected cases, is now over […]