BBI Solutions launches innovative conjugate blocking technology that enhances signal intensity for lateral flow immunoassays

BBI Solutions has launched Morffi™, a novel conjugate blocking technology that enhances signal intensity and improves the sensitivity of lateral flow immunoassays, at the Lateral Flow Test Development seminar in Seattle, USA, on the 20th September. The technology, developed in-house by BBI Solutions scientists, improves the limit of detection of an assay, providing an increase […]

Female BBI scientist in lab looking at antibodies through microscope

New Galectin-3 reagents from BBI Solutions – a biomarker for heart failure, fibrosis and cancer

BBI Solutions (BBI) has announced the launch of a range of antibodies for the biomarker Galectin-3. The antibodies complement BBI’s Galectin-3 antigen, which was also launched earlier this year. Available to sample now, these antibodies are highly sensitive with low cross-reactivity. Galectin-3 has been recognised as a potential biomarker for heart failure, fibrosis and a […]


BBI Solutions extends its antibodies range

BBI Solutions (BBI) has vastly increased its antibodies range across a wide variety of disease areas including bone metabolism, cardiac, growth factors, thyroid, and sepsis. This range extension has been in response to growing demand in the IVD market. The IVD industry is estimated to grow to $75.1 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of […]


BBI Solutions New SCIPAC Clinical Specimen Panels, speeding up assay development for infectious diseases

BBI Solutions (BBI) today announced the launch of SCIPAC Clinical Specimen Panels. SCIPAC are quantitative panels of clinical specimen, collected from multiple donors of known genotype. Panels currently available from BBI include the SCIPAC range of Hepatitis, HIV and Syphilis. Adding to BBI’s extensive biobank portfolio, the panels provide a quantity of trusted patient samples […]