BBI partners with the University of Dundee to develop prototype lateral flow test to diagnose Human African Trypanosomiasis

Due to their reputation in the industry and expertise in developing over 250 lateral flow devices, BBI Solutions were approached by Mike Ferguson, Regius Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee, to consult on the development of this new lateral flow test. Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT), more commonly known as African Sleeping Sickness, […]

BBI Solutions launches a fully validated human recombinant Cystatin C antigen

This week sees the launch of a new, fully validated recombinant Cystatin C antigen from BBI Solutions, which offers a host of benefits to its users: Eliminates potential interferences from other proteins or contaminants due to high purity and low bioburden. Demonstrates excellent recovery compared to native Cystatin C. Ensures supply sustainability with a recombinant […]

Gearing up for the AACC Conference and Expo: Innovation, partnership, quality and results is the message from BBI Solutions

With AACC fast approaching BBI Solutions are busy preparing for one of the largest annual gatherings of clinical professionals across the globe. This year BBI will be demonstrating how their core values of innovation, partnership quality and results are shaping the future of the business, while keeping pace with market demands. Through innovative new technology, […]