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BBI Solutions supplies a range of mouse monoclonal antibodies detecting the Ebola virus strains: Zaire, Sudan and Reston. These Ebola virus antibodies were generated at Dstl Porton Down (The Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory(UK government agency)) and are manufactured and sold under licence from the UK Secretary of State for Defence. Ebola Zaire, the causative agent of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, is detectable using BBI Solutions’ Ebola antibodies.

Five Ebola antibodies against the Ebola Zaire and Sudan strains have been tested successfully in Lateral Flow (Rapid Test) assays. BBI Solutions also provides a ‘panel’ comprising 13 different monoclonal antibodies, to the Zaire and Sudan strains.

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Product Details

Product   Code  Clone Number Product   Name  Isotype Application
BM430-G9H1  BBI112 Ebola Sudan   Monoclonal Antibody  IgG1  Lateral Flow
BM431-M4B1  BBI119 Ebola Zaire   Monoclonal Antibody  IgG1  Lateral Flow
BM431-O9C2  BBI120 Ebola Zaire   Monoclonal Antibody  IgG1  Lateral Flow
BM431-V1D1  BBI123 Ebola Zaire   Monoclonal Antibody  IgG1  Lateral Flow
BM431-Z2G2  BBI124 Ebola Zaire   Monoclonal Antibody  IgG1  Lateral Flow
BM435-PANEL  Various Ebola (Zaire and   Sudan strains – 13 antibodies) Monoclonal Antibody Panel  IgG1/IgG2a  Lateral Flow*

* selected antibodies                                                                                                             

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